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My top 5 natural baby brands

7 Mar

1. BEAMING BABY: wipes, disposable nappies and baby toiletries such as body wash and shampoo suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


2. TOTS BOTS: washable nappies made out of bamboo, naturally anti-bacterial material and soft on the skin. I personally recommend the bamboozle stretchies.

tots bots

3.BECO: eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable potty, step stool and meal set. No ugly chemicals (including BPA) can be fond in these products.

pottystep stoolbeco meal set

4. SOPHIE LA GIRAFE: toys for babies to hold, squash and chew on, all made out of natural rubber and free from toxic chemicals.

sophie girafe

5. LENNY LAMB: slings and baby carriers made out of 100% natural materials and designed with careful consideration to maintaing correct positioning for both baby-wearer and child.


These are just a few of the products I consider to be closest to nature as possible and also ones I have personally tested. I would have liked to included a babies clothing/bedding brand which are made from organic and natural materials although I have found that those websites offering such products to be over-priced for most parents. Therefore I recommend shopping for baby clothes at a store such as M&S where, although not organic, many of the baby vests and grows to be worn directly next to the skin are at least 100% cotton and can be made safer still for baby by giving them a pre-wash before their first wear to ensure any growing or manufacturing chemicals are removed first. I also found a lovely 100% bamboo blanket and matching hat for my newborn in Australia under the brand name ‘babyjo’.