Natural living is expensive, how do we afford to live this way?

22 Jul



Our family live a frugal lifestyle in Brighton, as close to nature as possible. Since our appearance on itv this morning where we discussed our “off-grid” parenting style we have received many queries asking how we manage to sustain ourselves financially.

We both get paid, working part-time. I write for parenting sites such as in my little spare time that I have in between full-time child care and home education. Matt is a freelance yoga instructor and health coach. It is important to us at we both have equal opportunity to raise the children and give them quality time.

We also rely partly on some benefits including housing benefit, child benefit and child tax credit. We do not use the tax payers money for the education system or medical system when it comes to our kids. We do pay reduced council tax and use libraries, museums and parks. The majority of our money goes on the basics like food, amenities and public transport, where required.

We don’t have a TV but do have computers. We get by shopping a lot at budget stores out of necessity but this does not imply that we agree with their ethics as businesses. Much of our furniture, the kids toys and clothes are either free cycled or second hand or gifted from their nan. We don’t take holidays, nor have a car. We live in a modest one bed flat with a garden in a location where we have good access to everything we need. We regularly forage wild food and also grow some of our own food in the garden. We home cook a lot and rarely eat out. We are in debt like much of the country including student loans and overdraft and do our best to pay back what we can afford.

We are living in a country with an unfair family taxation system that does not support home education or recognise those providing care for the family, including home educators.
I would like to take the opportunity to promote a cause close to my heart,

At the end of the day, we as humans have created a system where we are the only species who pay for our basic survival requirements and we all need money to live. We don’t have inheritance, trust funds and savings to draw upon so we have started a crowdfunding campaign through to help us become self-sufficient and in return we intend to build a business which shares advice and knowledge to help others do the same. We hope everyone who desires to make their lives better can find the courage to reach out and improve their situation also in whatever way they can.

One Response to “Natural living is expensive, how do we afford to live this way?”

  1. jennymidwifeandlife July 27, 2016 at 7:10 am #

    I believe it is expensive but you could save even more by finding a landowner who will let you camp or caravan on their land in exchange for working on the farm. If everyone built where they wanted all our natural sites of Beauty would be filled with shacks and loads of fights so I do prefer our ordered society. You are self sufficient already, you work, you contribute to society by raising children and in return get money to live. If you buy local and reduce waste and food miles that’s nearly the same! Please don’t go to Costa Rica!

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