What is “off-grid” parenting?

18 Jul


Off-grid parenting is a term I coined to describe a style of unconventional parenting which seeks to embrace the wild spirit in the child by immersing them in nature, recognising their innate intelligence and fostering autonomous, respectful relationships.

Off-grid parents adopt a natural, sustainable, and intuitive approach to all aspects of child rearing. Off-grid parents step outside the system when it comes to their children’s health care and education and opt for alternative health care as well as alternative education such as unschooling.  Off-grid parents don’t vaccinate or medicate their children routinely using artificial drugs and medicines but may use fasting, food, herbs and other alternative forms of medicine. Off-grid mums oftern choose to manage their pregnancy independently of a doctor and usually birth outside of the conventional hospital system. Conventional parenting practices such as baby sleep training  and cry-it-out method as well as punitive (authoritarian) discipline are shunned in favour of attachment parenting and child-led methods such as co-sleeping, on-demand, full-term breastfeeding and  positive discipline. Off-grid parenting should not be confused with permissive parenting. Off-grid parents do not adhere to a ‘one diet fits all’ philosophy but do seek to eat whole, natural and ethically produced foods to maintain good health.


Coming soon…off-grid parenting documentary, watch this space!


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