Amber necklace, the drug-free teething solution

25 Jan

P1000647 A natural, drug and alcohol free solution to soothing teething troubles comes in the form of a beautiful Baltic amber teething necklace. Individually knotted between each bead for safety in case of breakage. This,  by the way, never happened to ours despite being pulled and chewed as demonstrated by Ulysses in the above picture.

How does it work? Is the question most commonly asked by curious mamas and papas. Amber (especially Baltic amber) is a stone made from tree resin which has natural anti-inflammatory properties. When placed next to the child’s  skin, especially on a place that creates heat such as around the neck, the amber resin is released from the stones and absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. This then acts on calming common teething symptoms of an inflammatory nature such as fever, red cheeks and sore gums.

in my experience your child may still dribble lots and chew on things but their level of discomfort will likely to greatly decrease. Depending on when your child starts to teeth the necklace is best placed on the child before any symptoms have begun to show. Ulysses was given his necklace to wear at around 3 months old and began teething at 4.5 months. Most children will probably not require one until closer to 6 months.

We made the mistake of removing the necklace when we saw most of the teeth had come through. It is those last teeth, the molars which will cause the most pain.

Is it safe to wear all the time? Is another common question of concerned parents. This is a decision only you can make for yourself. On the one hand the body does most of its healing at night time. For many parents I have spoken with who decided to remove the necklace for any significant duration during teething, including night times, the discomfort issues have not improved for their child.

On the other hand, the safest way to be sure your little one remains safe during sleep is to co-sleep in the same bed/room. If you do not do this then perhaps you would feel more comfortable wrapping the necklace around a less vulnerable body part such as an ankle or wrist. I personally have not heard of one single story where the amber necklaces have caused danger by suffocation or any other hazard but that does not mean to say it is an impossibility.

The final advantage of the amber necklace is, like many natural cures, it’s side effect free! It will not leave your child feeling dozy or unwell in any other way. For under £20 I believe it’s worth a try, at worst you will be left with a very beautiful accessory!

You can buy a Baltic amber teething necklace at any good independent baby shop or online.

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