What’s it all about?

12 Nov

Let’s begin by pointing out what attachment parenting is NOT….

It’s not about overprotecting or trying to hold on to your child forever.  It’s definitely not about creating a clingy and dependent person. Attachment parents should not feel they have to sacrifice themselves but rather embrace the new opportunities that have brought change and transformation to life as they knew it. Attachment parenting is the label given to a natural human instinct to follow your instincts and let your actions, thoughts and words be guided by your heart rather than your socially conditioned brain. To parent this way means to leave behind and overcome all expectations, fears, judgements and comparisons. Ultimately it is about letting your child guide you as much as you guide them. To do this one must find courage and rediscover a trust they themselves may never have been gifted. Attachment parenting can include many practices, but not necessarily all  to achieve the goal of a thriving emotional and physical state throughout childhood and beyond. This way of nurturing requires the caregiver to be responsive and empathetic  to all of the child’s needs in a  loving and consistent manner. All the while trusting that the child has an innate wisdom we perhaps cannot comprehend.

One Response to “What’s it all about?”

  1. Kirsty English May 14, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

    Hi Adele, I’m a freelance journalist and I read your story about opting for a lotus birth. It’s fascinating idea and I wondered if this is something you’d be willing to talk about in a woman’s magazine or national newspaper as it does seem to be a choice that more women are taking. If you are interested, would be great to hear from you. My email is kirsty.english@gmail.com or 07929 263421.

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